I-Therm is a revolutionary treatment system that safely promotes healing by deeply penetrating the tissue with heat.  The I-Therm unit delivers 1000 times more concentration at the molecular level than traditional ultrasound.  It is this molecular motion that induces “hyperthemia” (deep heat).  Molecular hyperthemia increases blood flow and thereby promotes dramatically more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area for more rapid removal of toxins.  This non-invasive application has sensors that safely monitor the temperature, so there is never a danger of over-heating or hurting your pet during treatment.

I-Therm is proven to exceed the benefits of other traditional treatment options such as laser therapy, electric stimulation, ultrasound, and even surgery, with visible results much quicker.  There is very little risk to your pet of complications and no recovery period.  I-Therm is performed in our office and requires no anesthesia.  The Highlands Veterinary Hospital is the ONLY hospital in New Jersey offering this exclusive treatment for pets.  I-Therm hyperthermia technology safely and non-invasively treats your pet’s pain and accelerates your pet’s rehabilitation process.  The beneficial effects are often experienced after only 3 thirty minute treatment sessions! Many pet owners see immediate pain relief and increased mobility in their pets after the first I-Therm treatment. Over 80% of animals treated with I-Therm appear to be pain free or have significant pain reduction.